The 7 Interior Design Mistakes

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The 7 Interior Design Mistakes


  1. Remember... "The Wow Effect"
    We have all seen it before. Now and then it's almost impossible to explain. Everyone seems to be trying to make this dramatic effect in their home or business, but it's very elusive. There truly is an art to making "The Wow Effect". Most Architects and Interior Designers will remember on their careers, and reflect on one or two projects that they're most happy with. On those occasions, they were ready to bring all of the inside Design elements together and make... "The Wow Effect".
    When you are just beginning your Interior Design Project, set the visual and effect goals for the project very high. If members of your design team can see that you just don't seem to be keen about the project, they're going to follow your lead, leading to a dramatic effect.
    There will be many days, when it looks like every concept is presented, falls in need of creating the drama. When this happens, sleep thereon, and take your Interior Design Project with you to bed. Consider the emotion and sense the finished vision of your project. The following day, you'll be amazed at the range of ideas which will present themselves. Undecided why this works... just know that it does.

    2. Oops... Clearly Identify The Vision Of Your Project
    Often times once we are beginning a project, we are so needing to start, we are going to hurry out, choose our favorite wall color, and begin painting. Next, we are going to begin our look for the opposite layers of the project. Unfortunately, over and over the effect doesn't always create the drama we had hoped for.
    Important - At the very beginning of any project, and before anything is purchased, painted, or papered, you need to visualize the complete project from setting out to end. You’ll find a dramatic finish, texture, or fabric, which might require a distinct shade of paint or change the direction of the inside Design Project completely.
    Most people will minimize the importance of this step. You’ll invest lots of your time working this process. But, if you truly wish to make a dramatic Interior Design Project, you need to visually complete your project from getting down to end. There’s no easy thanks to do that. The more specific the main points, the greater the possibility for a dramatic effect.

    3. Funding... Establish an inteal Design Budget
    It is so important to spot a take into account your Interior Design Project. The price for Interior Design can swing dramatically in price. Once you have got established your budget, this may provide the needed structure, and can ensure your project is completed on time.
    Through the planning process, new ideas are introduced, which can raise your Interior Design budget. Many Interior Design projects are completed in phases. Most people don't have unlimited funds.
    Clearly identifying the approximate cost of the complete Interior Design project, will offer you the needed structure for this process.
    At now you'll make the choice whether to divide your project into phases. Breaking your project into Interior Design phases ensures that your Interior Design Project will have funding, without settling for a group of design effects which will come short of your initial vision.
    You can now specialize in creating the vision and therefore the drama, without becoming overwhelmed with the financial numbers of the project. Don’t begin your Interior Design project, until you have got established an indoor Design take into account the complete project. This can become the muse for the project, and can release your energy to specialize in ... Creative and Dramatic Interior Design.

    4. Capturing Your Ideas, Always Begin with a ..."Design Board"
    Dramatic Interior Design ideas are just like the wind. You need to capture all of them, after they are going by. The majority don't do that, but this is often such a very important step.
    When you are creating your Interior Design project, put all of your ideas on a presentation board or design board. These are often called concept boards or mood boards.
    It is much easier to check new colors, fabrics, textures, or ideas. You’ll sense when "The Wow Effect" magic is commencing to happen and your Interior Design project is taking form.
    Focusing your creative energy is critical to making "The Wow Effect". There aren't any short cuts or easy ways to form dramatic design. We’ve all seen Interior Design Projects, where an investment of a touch more thought, and inventive focus, may have produced a more dramatic effect.
    When all of your ideas are placed on a design board, visually, you may be ready to sense what's creating drama and what's not working. Introducing new ideas is far easier and therefore the process will start to flow.
    Finally, you may always remember the instant, when everything is functioning, and your Interior Design project is taking form. It’s almost sort of a "Runners High". All of the inside Design Element are finally coming together, creating the dramatic vision of your project.
    If you truly wish to make "The Wow Effect", don't skip this critical step. Your investment is just too great, to not ensure a final dramatic effect. Always use a design board or concept board on any Interior Design project.


5. Understanding ... the Principles of Layering Color, Texture, and Effect
Think about it, almost everything that's appealing to the attention, was created with layers of Color, Texture, and Effect. We like to examine things that incorporated the "Principles of Layering".
Color and Texture are the tools you're employed with, and Effect is that intangible that's generated after you bring the layers together.
Think of the seasons, how within the fall, the colors naturally complement one another. If the incorrect colors were introduced, you'd not have the identical effect.
Your layers will include, your plan or Unique Spaces of Opportunity, Paint, Italian Venetian Plaster, Faux Finish, Wallpaper, Ceiling Finish, Flooring, Fabrics, Fuiture, Drapery, Lighting, Accessories, and Plants.
There truly is an art to layering. On your design board you may lea firsthand about the principles of layering. Your senses will tell you immediately what's working and what's not creating drama.
Invest a while to find out more about "The Principles of Layering". There are many good books on this interesting subject. Dramatic Interior Design can only be created in layers.

6. You're the Director ... "The Importance of Staging"
Staging is that the process of making the mood, ambiance, and feelings, for a chosen are. This can be such a very important step to be told.
Correctly staging the world that... precedes your next area of opportunity, is critical to making "The Wow Effect".
If you have got too many colors, decorative items, or visual confusion occurring within the country, this could and can distract from your unique spaces of opportunity.
Staging will create the utmost effect and control the visual emotion as you progress through your home. Drama and effect are rarely created inadvertently.
Remember, "You Are The Director". How you set the stage, light the space, choose yours colors and texture, will determine the success of your Interior Design Project.
Lea more about the "Importance of Staging" and "How to Stage you Home". If this can be done correctly, walking through your home are like reading an excellent novel. You can't wait to induce to the following room or chapter.

7. Searching for Ideas? ... Share a Coffee with an inside Designer
everyone is always curious about an honest idea. If you're feeling you'd prefer to discuss your ideas and your project with some other person, i'd strongly encourage you to satisfy with an enclosed Designer or specialist.
There is no obligation for this meeting, but you may be surprised how your project will become focused shortly. Ask around to your friends for referrals, to look at a number of there previous projects, and also discuss their fees.
Everyone won't need an enclosed Designer. But there could also be times, when the layers of your Interior Design project don't seem to be coming together. When this happens, meeting with an inside Designer is also one amongst the most effective decisions you ever make.
Finally, creating "Dramatic Interior Design" may be a challenging process. You’ll spend many days of struggle and energy. From time to time the stress and difficulty of the method, will cause you to want to surrender. But I’m here to inform you, if you stick with it, and invest the time.


Design Master’s portfolio ranges from assisting clients making fuiture selections to fully coordinated large scale home remodels, new construction, restaurant, office and retail interiors. No matter where a project falls in this range, Design Master helps clients bring beautiful and functional designs to life. As interior designers, we translate our clients’ visions of their spaces into thoughtful, executed designs. We are happy to help new clients at any stage of the design process and will gladly discuss your specific needs in more detail.





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